2022 Lancaster Day Camp

2022 Lancaster Day Camp
Registration Begins
Last Day To Register
6/18/2022 10:00 PM
916 East Elm
Lancaster, WI 53813, US
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The last date for registration has passed.
Open to ALL Cub Scout age children. When signing up, use "Cub Scout" even if you aren't one -  Your Unit Number is "1" if you're not a Scout yet.
The program is designed to meet the needs and interests of Cub Scouts and WEBELOS Scouts.  Activities will include: archery, BB's, crafts, songs and skits, games, nature, sports, and much more.  It will also serve as a day camp introductory program for the Tiger Cubs. 


Mon., Tues, Wed. - Check-in 8:15 am to 8:45 am   PICK UP 3:30 PM

Thursday - Check-in 12:45 pm **Family Night "Campfire" Program - Thursday 6 PM**

The registration fees: 
$55.00 if received by June 10, 2022; $60.00 after that date.
$5.00 per day for Wee Camp or $15.00 for the entire week. 
Registration is due by June 18th, with late fee after June 10, 2022.  Late fees will be waived for any newly registered Cub Scout or new to the pack. This fee includes the scout's T-shirt, patch, all program materials, insurance, and any recognition items used during the week.  **T-shirt sizes cannot be guaranteed if registrations are received after June 1, 2022.**  
Please register Cub Scouts and WEBELOs Scouts according to their rank in the fall of 2022
(i.e. current Tigers will now be a Wolf for camp, current Wolf Scouts now will be Bear Scouts for camp, etc.). 
Please coordinate with your Pack’s Day Camp Coordinator or Online Registration can be done here.
COVID Rules:
Because the rules are subject to frequent change at the County level, we will email COVID guidance for Day Camp one week before the start of camp. Please make sure you include a valid email address in your registration. Things to plan on having - masks & hand sanitizer. Camp will have some supplies of these on hand, but a Scout should always Be Prepared.
What to bring to camp: 
*Sack lunch/dinner and beverage (*Coolers will be provided by each individual Pack.) 
Hat, Raincoat or poncho, Sunscreen / sun block 
ALL items should be marked with name and pack number a den box will be provided to store extra gear. 
Required Leadership: 
Each pack must provide at least one adult volunteer for every 6 (six) Cub Scouts/WEBELOs Scout it sends.  More volunteers are always welcome and encouraged. 
Inclement Weather: 
In the event of severe weather, we will make an announcement on WGLR (97.7) if Day Camp is going to be cancelled.  We will still have camp if it is just raining, as our facilities are indoors.  Please make sure your Scout is prepared for the weather.   
Wee Camp:
Wee Camp is available for the children of all adult volunteers only on the day(s) and times the adults are working in the day camp.  Children must be potty-trained. The cost for day camp is $5.00 per day or $15.00 for the entire week.  This fee covers the child's T-shirt, insurance, and program supplies. Wee Camp will be staffed by qualified adult leadership and will be open all hours of day camp.  Children will need to bring a sack lunch and snack and will join the rest of the camp for snack time and lunch time.  
Transportation to and from Day Camp is the parent's responsibility. We recommend that you arrange a car pool with the adults attending from your pack.   If someone other than the parents are going to pick up your scout, we must have written notice in advance (this includes grandparents, relatives, and family friends).  All names must be listed on the Scout's Health History form. 
In the event of a late arrival, you will be required to drop off your Scout at our Camp Headquarters for sign-in. Early pick-ups must be signed out and staff members notified. 
What to (and not to) Wear: 
1) The day camp uniform will consist of the day camp t-shirt and your choice of long or short pants.  The day camp t-shirt will be handed out on the first day of camp.  Socks and closed toe shoes are required (no sandals or Heelys).  Each Scout must be in a day camp t-shirt for easy identification.  This should be worn all four days. 
2) Be prepared for all weather. 
Health and Safety:
The following are strictly prohibited:
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Bad Language
  • Rock throwing
  • Fighting
  • Toys or collectibles
  • Biting
  • Tree climbing
  • Kicking
  • Disrespectful behavior
  • Electronic Devices
  • Spitting
  • Running through Camp
  • Leaving the boundaries of Camp
Scouts who cannot follow these simple rules will be sent home!  
We will be using buddy system at Day Camp always.  The Scouts are to stay in their assigned Day Camp Den the entire week.  Scouts from the same Pack may be split into different dens to give them the opportunity for fellowship with Scouts from other packs.  
Special Reminders:
Everyone is reminded that alcohol is not allowed at any Scouting event.  Smoking is only permitted in designated areas when the Cub Scouts are not present.  
Medical Information: 
No medical exam is required for day camp, but EVERYONE at camp must complete an Individual Health History Form (Section A & B). This form is available from your pack Day Camp Coordinator. Completed forms signed by parent or guardian must be returned with the proper fee(s) to the pack Day Camp Coordinator.  
A certified medical officer will always be present during Day Camp.  A Health History form for each person in camp, including adults and wee campers, must be on file.  All medications -- be it over the counter or prescription -- must be checked in at the first aid station with the certified medical officer.  All medication, prescription or over the counter, must be in the original container and clearly marked with the Scout's name and pack number.
$55.00 per Cub Scout
$5.00 per Wee Camper 1 Day
$15.00 per Wee Camper full Week
Late fee
After 6/10/2022 a fee of $5.00 will apply to all Cub Scout Registrants.
Cancellation Policy
Blackhawk Area Council Refund Policy for all: Events / Trainings / Activities / Reservations All refund requests must be submitted, to the professional staff advisor, in writing (i.e. email request) prior to the event as the policy states below. Extenuating circumstances will be considered. 30 days or more prior to an event – 100% refund 29-15 days prior to event – 70% refund 14 days-8 days prior to the event – 30% refund 7 days or less prior to event – 0% refund Should you use an incentive / coupon / etc. where there is a reduction in fees or complimentary then the refund / change in registration / reservation is as follows: 30 days or more prior to an event – 100% discount / incentive may be transferred to another registration 29-15 days prior to event – 70% discount / incentive may be transferred to another registration 14 days-8 days prior to the event – 30% discount / incentive may be transferred to another registration 7 days or less prior to event – 0% discount / incentive may be transferred to another registration

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